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The Foundation For Do!

The Foundation of DO! recognizes, rewards and empowers individuals or organizations that, through selfless action, do positive high impact things for those they serve. Since its inception in June of 2015, the Foundation has been regularly honoring an award recipient with a $1,000 grant to help them advance their work impacting their community. The grants are funded with proceeds from sales of The Little Book of DO! and the author Kel Landis.

The individuals and organizations are honored for living by the themes of the book through thier DO! actions.

This month's Recipient

Metavivor Research and Support

Metavivor Research and Support is for people with metastasized cancer.

Other Recipients

Meals on Wheels

Author: Kel Landis III

Kel Landis III

Father, Husband, Grandfather,
Community Servant, Banker,
and builder of Private Equity